Prepress Department
The Prepress Department at Parrot Press is equipped to handle both PC and Mac applications. We support all professional design/layout programs in both PC and Mac formats. With Parrot Press, you never need to worry about having your files converted for output.

Imaging and Workflow: Our Topaz scanner is capable of handling 11" x 17" original artwork/slides and can enlarge them up to 25" x 38" without pixelation. Our Rampage RIP (Raster Image Processor) allows us to process your files once and output them to any of our digital proofing or thermal plating devices.

Digital Proofing: Our digital proofing systems are fast, cost competitive, and reduce the cost of alterations for customer changes. Our digital proofing options include the Fuji Pictro and Epson Ink Jet 10600 for high-resolution contract proofs, and the Sherpa Digital Dylux.

File Submission: We accept files on Zip (100/250), and Jazz (1/2GB), as well as CDs, DVDs and via FTP submission.

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